Birute Letukaite, artistic director of AURA dance theatre from Kaunas invited me for the second time for a collaboration. This time for a dance piece for the opening of the international dance festival in Kaunas september 30.

The “costumes” I designed and made for dance/theatre group AURA’s new piece are abstract constructions, made from textiles in bright colours or textiles with graphic designs. I do not emphasize the shapes of the dancer’s bodies, but on the contrary dehumanize them into sculptures.

The music is composed by Antanas, and played by Kaunas Symphony Orchestra (40 musicians).
Electronic music performers: Ūdrys Jasenka & Antanas Jasenka
Choreography: Birute Letukaite
Costumes: Guda Koster
Lights: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas
Dancers: AURA Dance Theatre: Arūnas Mozūraitis (Lithuania), Ester Bega (Albania), Francisco Ladrón de Guevara (Spain), Hueng Wong Lee(South Korea), Julija Mintautė (Lithuania), Kris Dao Nicholls (Australia), Ludovico Murgia (Italy), Matthew Livingston (US), Marine Fernandez(France), Natsuho Matsumoto (Japan), Tse-Wei Wu (Taiwan)