Amsterdamse KinderKunstBiënnale (workshop)

De Rode Loper op School offers primary schools in Amsterdam East and surroundings cultural education. This year they exist 20 years and that is being celebrated. The Amsterdam Children’s Art Biennale shows what happens when children interact with artists and come into contact with the professional arts.
I was asked to make the campaign images for the first Children’s Art Bienale in collaboration with children from Kunstmagnetschool De Kraal in Amsterdam.
I visited my exhibition at the Center for Visual Arts with them.
What makes a work a Guda Koster? Color, abstract shapes, patterns, no faces. At first the children drew a design and then made a mini sculpture of a “Koster”. The drawings and sculptures were exhibited in the CBK. From all the proposals 6 children were chosen who were invited to come to my studio for the photo shoot. They could choose their own costume and head covering to make their own creation.