A given space

The project A Given Space (2019) is an interdisciplinary collaboration of jan Theun van Rees. For this project he invited 14 artists to participate:  Ronald de Ceuster – Guda Koster – Sanja Medi – Maze de Boer – André Pielage – Anabel Howland – Suzan Drummen – Charlott Markus – Wim Vonk – Emiel Zeno – Marieke van Diemen – Eiko Ishizawa – Lonneke de Groot – Aam Solleveld

Each panel shows a photograph which is the outcome of a collaboration that starts with an invitation to the artist, to create an installation, artwork or application for a specific space . This ‘space’ however is one of the many photographs of empty rooms that Jan Theun van Rees created over the course of many years. An extreme large print of this photographed space will be installed on the artist’s studio. The space is therefor only illusion and physical flat as paper.

Each artist has complete freedom to interpret the assignment to one’s liking. personal requests and will be granted as much as possible, so that the artist’s ideas will be realized as well as possible.