Het grote gebeuren 1 (the big happening)

Het grote gebeuren (the big happening) is a collaboration with Frans van Tartwijk.

In Floradorp, Amsterdam, a figure made from a fabric with a Mondriaan-print appeared standing still on a street corner. As old Boogie-woogie music sounded from a speaker hidden in the sculpture, the “Mondriaan” did a simple dance for the astonished passers-by. As the music stopped, the figure froze again. Nowadays we don’t associate Mondrian with it, but he loved dancing … and Boogie-woogie. 
Location: Floradorp, we performed one hour on two different days.

“Het grote gebeuren” (The big happening) consists of 4 performances by Guda Koster and Frans van Tartwijk in public space in Amsterdam by five living sculptures. Each sculpture has a distinct character and meaning. The performances are not announced as events but are more like appearances that may be noticed by people passing by. The performers are wrapped up in the textiles of the sculptures and physical contact with others is impossible. The sculptures may be seen as a metaphor for how people are supposed to behave in public space right now. The sculptures stand still, now and again music can be heard and dance steps or unexpected movements are made. The carefully selected locations in different parts of Amsterdam- and the humor- are important.

The performances and sculptures are photographed and filmed and 400 posters (70 x 100 cm) in four different versions appeared in many spots in Amsterdam.
This project was made possible thanks to a contribution from the AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst).