Im Schlaf sind Alle gleich

Size: 400 x 400 x250
Exhibition: DORMART, in cooperation with architect Theresia Leuenberger nformation:
14 international artists have installed a bedroom of 4 by 4m on the subject sleep. The exhibition period was during the World Championship Soccer 2006 in Germany.
“Im Schlaf sind Allen gleich…” This is the motto for the structure of the room, its division into four identical sleeping areas and four white pyjamas in the wardrobe. Coloured curtains divide the single areas and hint at the colours of the country flags and the sports uniforms of different nationalities. The curtains mark the borders. By opening and partly closing the curtains, you can create different colour-combinations. And you can retreat or you can join a group.
The pyjamas are part of the ritual of sleep and are consciously chosen to be white. Thus, the equality of all humans is emphasised as well as the aspect of rest, how we throw off our daily routine in our sleep.
As soccer fans, people define themselves via their affiliation to a nation or club. In our sleep, however, this doesn’t count. Im Schlaf sind Allen gleich..”