Dreams and wishes

2002,2x) 16m x 1.90m en (2x) 5.25 x1.90m, Material: print on canvas, Exhibitiong: KUNST OP JE GEZONDHEID
KUNST OP JE GEZONDHEID (Art, to your health) aimed to give inhabitants of mental hospitals, nursing homes and so on in and around Amsterdam a chance to explore their creative talents.The theme of the project was: “PARTY! “. The giving and receiving of presents is a part of many parties, celebrations and holidays. Patients and staff of the hospitals, homes and institutions were asked to make a drawing about their greatest wish or dream. The murals of the African NDEBELE tribe were the inspiration for this project. The NDEBELE depict things they long to have, but do not posses; like electric light or green meadows, in murals on their homes. Some examples of the wishes and dreams in the project were: ‘ I want to swim with dolphins ‘ ‘ I want to work as a gardener’ ‘ I would like to see my grandparents again ‘ The drawings were then drawn over on cloth and stitched onto brightly coloured coats. The participants were then photographed in their proper coat. A number of these portraits were printed in a gigantic size, and exhibited on the exterior of the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ in Amsterdam. During the project large posters of these pictures were to be seen throughout the city as well.