The magic hour

The Luxelakes: A4 Art Museum in Chengdu (China) invited us to participate in the 60 days of lockdown project. In April / May we worked on our video “the magic hour” which is scheduled for july 12 (day 20).

The Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world in 2020 gave birth to the “60 Days of Lockdown” project. It brings together the voices of 79 artists from 23 countries, depicting our current reality in text and image, where social distancing and online interaction have become the norm. Beginning on June 23, 2020, A4 Art Museum will share life experiences and reflections on art from these artists in an online exhibition.

‘The magic hour’ 魔法时刻
This video was made during the Corona Virus Lockdown in the old city centre of Amsterdam, which dates back to the 17th century. Normally it is overrun by tourists from all over the world, but during the lockdown it was extremely quiet. The spring weather was fine, and we shot it in the evenings. The sound of the church bells that can be heard in the film, is usually mixed with the sound of cars and people, but now were often the only sound that could be heard. The film starts with shots of the deserted city and later on three living sculptures appear standing still on street corners or a in a square.
The title is ‘the magic hour’ or 魔法时刻 which refers to the hour before sunset, when shadows are long and the light has a special, almost surreal quality. It also refers to the strangely empty city where human life has almost vanished, but a new presence has already arrived.
A cooperation with Frans van Tartwijk