Tafelrunde a project by Guda Koster
Wasserturm, Geldern, 2007
Material: textile, carpet, photoprints.  Size: 365 x 800 x 800 cm, Exhibition: Im Umkreis

For the last eight years every summer artists have been invited for the water tower grant in Geldern (Germany). The invited artists work in the water tower for a period of four weeks, followed by an exhibition of the works for three weeks.
The round table
The water tower in the village of Geldern functions in a special way. It’s a place were lots of local people pass by and feel at home. These people feel responsible for the tower, each in their own way. This commitment with the tower, as well as the specific circular form of the building brought the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to mind. In this way I wanted to pay a tribute to the local people (men) who make the water tower and the water tower grant possible and whom I have met during my stay.