Paradies 2.0

Exhibition: Paradise 2.0, 2012
Location: Kerk, Rheinische Landesklinik, Bedburg Hau (G)

In the church of the Rheinische Kliniken Guda Koster, Matthijs Muller and Elaine Vis made a coherent presentation titled Paradise 2.0 The title refers to an improved version of paradise.
One of the works is a joint project. Felt words and letters scattered on the pews are connecting the individual works. In this work, the artists depicted their associations with an improved paradise .
There are also individual installations.
Guda Koster
Despite looking for a flawless edition, Guda Koster thinks that Paradise 2.0 should still have errors. Unevenness belongs to our existence and give meaning to life. Perfection can not without imperfection. The people should carry their golden burden of right and wrong forever.
You may wonder whether we should have been eating more of the apple from the tree of knowledge or not at all.