Leap into the void

Title: Sprung in die Leere, 2016, Location: Schwartszche villa, Berlijn
The optimism of Yves Klein and his days seems far away: no longer do artists feel that anything can be done, and that artists are able do anything. Just like Yves Klein was the perfect mirror of the age in which man was ready to conquer space, the art of today mirrors the present day. The fascination with travelling in space and time and the equally frightening idea of being surrounded by emptiness remains. This exhibition aims to visualise that mostly invisible idea.The exhibition was not just a collection of two-dimensional works hung neatly in a white cube, but more like an installation. The works of the four participating artists(FD Schlemme, Frans van Tartwijk, Thomas Brüggemann en Guda Koster) were part of that installation.