Just the two of us

Location: empty office in Delft, 2011, Project: id11 investigates
id11 investigates
In 2011 id11 investigates the cooperation opportunities for the realisation of an (permanent) artist-in-residence and temporary work- and presentation spaces in Delft. Connected with this investigations is a project in October and November 2011. In temporary locations (guest) artists will realize projects with temporary versus permanent as a starting-point. For the month October the following artist are invited: Egied Simons, Guda Koster, Hester Plomp, Ieke Trinks en Petra van Noort.
Just the two of us
In a former office builing Guda Koster has transformed five rooms into period rooms. The typical details of an office are still visible in the rooms. Rooms where people seem to live alongside each other. A feeling of uneasiness, anguish overwhelms you as you enter the room.
Photography: Marco Zwinkels, Ron Laan and Guda Koster