It’s Playtime

In 2023, I worked on a Centre Pompidou commission for Mille Formes, an art institution for children ages 0 to 6 in Clermont Ferrand. An interactive installation based on my work. The installation ‘It’s playtime’ consists of 7 sculptures: upside down, out of the box, stickyman, shadowman, noodleman, dressman, secretman. The sculptures offer children multiple opportunities to play with and stimulate their motor skills. They can sneak and crawl through the ‘Out of the box’ work, put arms, head and legs through holes and play with the visible and invisible. They can dress up or transform their bodies with different shapes to weird shadows.
A challenge especially because of all kinds of safety requirements. Saturday December 16 was the presentation, it was great to see how the children played with the works and discovered possibilities I had not thought of beforehand.
The installation will stay until March 2024 and then go on tour.