Exhibition:Den Haag sculpture (BVHA)
Location: Lange Voorhout, Den Haag

CHANGE!  ‘It’s that simple’

Especially for the Bureau for Contemporary Adventure and the manifestation The Hague Sculpture, Guda Koster designed a number of articles of clothing.

The Hague is the town where the government is settled. Koster played with the circumstances that the Netherlands is over controlled. She expanded the number of existing inspection teams with her teams of unit OK.

With the slogan: Get undressed, get dressed, be a photo model, be photographed and just for a while, become ‘larger than life’, she seduced you take part of her project. Exchange your every-day clothing for one of her intriguing uniforms. Who wouldn’t like to be someone else just for once? Finally delivered from you.

Succumb to seduction and CHANGE!

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Een kunstwerk ik de publieke ruimte door Guda Koster