Locatie: vm Stadstimmertuin, Amsterdam
Realisatie: realisation june 2011

The Community of Amsterdam-Centrum gave Guda Koster the assignment to develop an artwork for an underpass near the Amstel river in the centre of Amsterdam. The street here passes under the building of a school for hairdressers and beauty parlour workers. Koster was asked to collaborate with a number of the schools students.
Having worked with a group of students for some time, the idea of hair- sculptures came up. The students made the sculptures from wigs and hair. Guda Koster coached and advised them. Hans Ligteringen photographed the finished sculptures. The works were put on display in the school. The best work could win the ” HAIR AWARD”. A jury of professional hairdressers judged the work on technique and creativity, but students, locals and school officials could vote as well.
Koster plans to print the photographs of the hair sculptures on ceramic bearers on one wall of the tunnel. On the opposed wall ten round mirrors will be hung. The “gazes” of the hair sculptures are turned away from the viewer, but the work also plays with the idea of gazing at yourself and others and the effect of mirror images. There are various details in the hair sculptures, which symbolise universal themes like love and faith. There also is a relation with the old and famous “Carré-theatre, which is close by. Wigs, mirrors, love and faith; it all seem to fit this theatrical setting perfectly.

                Art in the public domain by Guda Koster