German premiere Gamechanger in Potsdam

German premiere (november 3th, 2018) of the danceperformance GAME CHANGER during Unidram, an international theatre festival in Postdam.

Almost disembodied as if on Valium and subjected to rigid rules of motion, a procession of dreamlike figures passes by. Shrouded in huge costumes covered in opulent, geometric designs, they appear to float, but violent rumblings emanate from beneath the garments. Forgetting all you have learnt, liberating yourself, letting go – where there are revolts, movement begins. Game changer is about this spirit of freedom and fearlessness, about the urgent energy and dynamism of change and transformation.

Director: Birutė Letukaitė · Cast: Blake Seidel, Chiara Corbetta, Clara Giambino, Erik Zarcone, Evgenii Kalachev, Jasper Narvaez, Julija Mintautė, Matthew Livingston, Marine Fernandez, Mei Chen · Live music: Antanas Jasenka · Vocals: Ilja Gun · Costumes and concept: Guda Koster · Lighting: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas ·